My husband and I tagged along with our three-year-old daughter, Mali, to see Madagascar the Musical – it exceeded all expectations and was definitely entreating and a laugh for all ages.

It is based on the smash hit DreamWorks movie Madagascar (2005). Although none of us had seen the film it didn’t matter at all.

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(The four main characters. Picture: Scott Rylander)

Early on in the first half Marty the Zebra, played by Posi Morakinyo, was the first to get a laugh from the audience with his booty shake.

Gloria the Hippo (played by Hannah Victoria) also owned the stage for the start with her unique groove and impressive vocals.

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(Gloria the hippo. Picture: Scott Rylander)

X Factor (2016) winner, Matt Terry, as Alex the Lion shone throughout the musical and the audience couldn’t help but be mesmerised by his vocals.

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(Matt Terry as Alex the lion. Picture: Scott Rylander)

Overall the vocals and the choreography were outstanding from the onset which kept everyone in the audience engaged and enthused for the second half – Mali and I even had a little dance in anticipation.

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(The penguins in Madagascar the Musical. Picture: Scott Rylander)

The second half was also truly engaging and by far the more enjoyable half, judging from audience reaction.

King Julien the Ring-Tailed Lemur, played by Kieran Mortell, was the most loved character for the duration of the performance – guaranteed to make you laugh out loud whatever your age.

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(The hilarious lemurs. Picture: Scott Rylander)

The last act saw Mali up and out of her seat, dancing along with the other little members of the audience.

For the finale, King Julien got the entire audience up and out of their seats for a dance which was a sight to see.

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(Madagascar the Musical. Picture: Scott Rylander)

At the end of the day this was a musical for my three-year-old, so I will repeat what she said after the show as her recommendation: “I want to go there again.

"I like it; I very, very like it. Actually, I love it!”

Madagascar the Musical is at Wales Millennium Centre, in Cardiff, until Sunday August 11.

Skye ap Gwilym