ATTENTION all foodies!

Have you joined our group which is dedicated to all things food (and drink) related in South Wales?

Eating Out in South Wales, manned by our reporters, is a Facebook group for anything food or drink related in South Wales, including news, restaurants opening, events, polls, reviews, and more.

All are welcome to join, with the group offering food venues an opportunity to engage with the community, along with giving food fans a place to have their say and know of any exciting food news in the area.

The group already has more than 200 members, but - just like our tummies - there is room for growth. As the group builds up the public can have their say on important matters, such as:

  • One has to go: pancakes, waffles, French toast or pain au chocolat? (Goodbye pain au chocolat, it’s nothing personal).
  • Which is the best cake? (Cheesecake apparently).
  • Does pineapple go on pizza? (Our most controversial one to date, but "yes" came out on top).

The group offers an escape from the monotonous, information - both in terms of articles and promotions shared by businesses - and some fun, giving the public the opportunity to have their say.

So if you own a food business, or simply love food, search for ‘Eating Out in South Wales’ on Facebook and share with your friends.