A FOOD delivery service, set to become Newport’s first outdoor street food market, has introduced a unique ordering system.

Al Forno, a pizza delivery service based in Rogerstone, and Tin Can Kitchen have launched a dual order system, enabling customers to order from both businesses at the same time.

Customers can now hop seamlessly from one website to the other, order food from different menus and make one single payment; this is believed to be a first for Wales.

Co-owner Barry Fallon, who co-owns both businesses, said: “We’ve all been in situations, where, for example, you want a burger from one place and your partner, or a friend, wants a pizza from another.

“With the dual order system we’ve designed, you can do just that.

“When Al Forno first opened, our customers thought this was a given, but Tin Can Kitchen and Al Forno are completely different businesses, with separate ordering systems.

“Customers were having to make separate orders in the hope we’d pick them up and deliver them at the same time.”

Designed to give customers more freedom and choice, the dual order system has wider implications for the owners’ plans for an outdoor street food market, offering takeaway food from multiple in-house brands and independent street food vendors.

“To provide this level of flexibility is remarkable and it bodes well for our future plans,” added Mr Fallon.

“We’ve already submitted planning for the site and are putting plans in place. The dual order system is pivotal to all of this - in future it will be re-developed, allowing people to not only make delivery and table reservations, but also order food from us on site, in real-time, via a mobile app.

“We’re extremely excited – as far as we’re aware, no other business is capable of providing such freedom and flexibility.”

Al Forno has recently expanded its menu, offering a range of premium subs, a new meatball pizza and a limited-edition cheeseburger calzone; all core line pizzas can also be made into calzone for no extra charge.

Following in the footsteps of Tin Can Kitchen, Al Forno is also open as a bakery and sandwich bar during the day.

Co-owner, Jordan Phillips, said: “With summer on the horizon, we’re busy growing the daytime operation, which offers a range of classic sandwich fillings, subs, cakes, and light bites, such as focaccia pizza slices.

“The dual order system also allows people to order breakfast and lunch items from both places at the same time – great if you work in an office, for example, and the people you work with all want something different”

“We’re also very happy with the subs and the calzone. They’re completely different to what’s out there at the moment.

“That said, we found ourselves having to explain to people what a calzone is: it’s essentially a folded pizza in the shape of a pasty. Delicious.”

To celebrate the launch of Al Forno Daytime and the dual order system, Al Forno is offering people 25 per cent off website orders, with discount code EAT@TCK-AF

This offer expires on April 11 and is available through the website www.alforonopizzeria.co.uk

People can collect, with delivery available from 5.45pm onwards.