A YOUNG woman from Caerphilly sacrificed her glamorous nails to get on the property ladder.

Alixe Everson, a 24-year-old from Ystrad Mynach, joined forced with apprentice joiner Alex Loy, from Blackwood, on S4C show, Tŷ am Ddim (House for Nothing).

The series – made by Chwarel – teams two young people with the task of doing up a house on a budget and sharing any profit on its sale to help but their own home.

The duo – who had never met before – were given £9,000 and six months to restore a two-bedroom house in Abercarn, which was bought by property expert Carys Davies at an online auction for £88,000.

The pair worked together to rip out the old kitchen, hack off the rendering on the outside wall, and strip the old wallpaper before painting.

“I’m quite organised and good with a budget but I have no technical skills,” admitted Ms Everson.

“I had no idea what rendering was before I started this project.

"I learned a lot... my fingernails were too long, and I had to cut them back."

South Wales Argus: Alixie Everson in the bathroom

Ms Everson is a resource consultant with a Newport-based education provider living with her parents (and pets) but realised “it’s time I moved out and found my own place.”

She found balancing work with renovation was “challenging” at times with some problems faced – but luckily her and Mr Loy “worked well together” and had “lots of friends and family” able to help.

Mr Loy admits there wasn’t a lot of carpentry involved with the project, but he was able to put in the new kitchen, help re-render outside, and carry out work on the roof and windows.

"Alixe and I were lucky that our families were able to do a lot of the work with us,” he said.

“I know a lot of people who knew others who were able to come along and do some jobs for us. My brother did all the plumbing, which saved us both time and money.

"We had to re-do some work, but we overcame the problems pretty easily.”

South Wales Argus: Alex Loy in the kitchen

The duo made a profit of £28,400 – even after going over budget by £1,800.

Ms Everson has banked her share and hopes to have her own place by the time she’s 30.

"While this project was quite challenging it was a win-win situation for me,” she said.

"I've learned a lot which will be really useful when I get round to doing my own house and getting a decent profit was a big bonus."

Tŷ am Ddim is broadcast on S4C on Wednesdays at 9pm. English subtiltes are available.