A BLACKWOOD couple have spoken of their disgust after their KFC delivery turned out to be severely undercooked.

Megan Hudspeth and her partner Corey Wright ordered a delivery from the Blackwood branch of the fried chicken chain on October 31.

The pair now say they will "never be going back there" after Mr Wright discovered the chicken was undercooked.

"Corey was three quarters of the way through a thigh piece of chicken to find this disgusting raw section," said Miss Hudspeth.

"It’s not a vein, the chicken around it is clearly jelly and lots of chicken around that was spat out too."

After being sent pictures of the offending meal, KFC head office agreed that "the photos don't look great".


She said that after realising the chicken was raw, Mr Wright immediately spat it out.

However, she said that he was then sick and suffered from food poisoning.

"It made him very unwell straight away," she said,

"Sickness and food poisoning might not start straight away for everyone, but it clearly did last night."

Miss Hudspeth said that she tried to contacting Blackwood KFC for "over an hour" to no avail.

"We know from the drive through when we picked up our food that they were messing around and making stupid zombie noises whilst we tried to order over the intercom," she said.

A KFC spokesperson offered their apologies to the couple, offering them a free replacement meal.

The statement read: “We’re sorry to hear they had a bad experience, that’s not what we want. "We’re proud of our high standards and 5* environmental health officer rating at KFC Blackwood. "We have strict processes around preparing our chicken and haven’t had any other complaints on undercooked chicken. "That said, the photos don’t look great, so to make things right, we’d love for them to get in touch so we can offer a meal on us.”

However, Miss Hudspeth said the offer is "an insult".

"It’s clear we won’t be going again and we're very disappointed with not having a proper apology from them," she said.