THESE are the best - and worst - McDonald's restaurants in Newport according to TripAdvisor.

McDonald's remained open for take-away during Wales' firebreak lockdown and now is open for dine-in (with coronavirus rules in place).

There are numerous McDonald's restaurants in Newport - but how do they fare on TripAdvisor?

McDonald's (Asda, Pencarn Way)

McDonald's in Duffryn, based in Asda, was rated the best - despite only having one review rating it as 'good' (four out of five).

The review, from 2017, said: “It’s like any McDonald’s. Their food is good and there’s a lot of choice to choose from. The problem with this one is there’s no drive through.”

The other McDonald's in Newport are rated as 'average' (three) or below, so it would seem this one is the best in Newport, but more reviews are needed.

Excellent - 0

Very good - 1

Average - 0

Poor - 0

Terrible - 0

McDonald’s (Coldra Roundabout, Chepstow Road)

Many McDonald's on this list are rated as 'average' (three out of five) on TripAdvisor, but the Chepstow Road restaurant's score is based on 100 reviews - the most for any Newport McDonald's.

A recent review rated the venue as 'excellent' (five) and said: “Called here for a quick bite to eat, met at the door for covid details, placed order and headed to our table. Our meals were brought to our table quite quickly; they were hot and fresh.”

Another reviewer, rating this restaurant as 'good' (four) described the venue as ‘convenient and helpful’ adding that they were ‘impressed’ by coronavirus safety measures.

But, one unhappy customer from August, rated the venue with ‘terrible’ (one) after their milkshakes were 'like water' allegedly due to being left on the side.

The complainant claims they were offered replacement drinks, but refused a refund - they described the service as 'low level' and added that, when complaining in other McDonald's stores they would happily 'replace and refund with empathy.'

Although this venue tops the list for most 'excellent' reviews (13) it also tops the list for most 'terrible' reviews (22).

Excellent - 13

Very good - 19

Average - 23

Poor - 21

Terrible - 22


McDonald’s (Afon Ebbw Road, Rogerstone)

This McDonald’s has an 'average' rating (three) based on 30 reviews on TripAdvisor.

A recent reviewer, who said they were picking up food for a family of five, rated the venue 'terrible' (one).

The reviewer claims they asked for a bag as they had a Happy Meal box and five drinks separate to another bag of food and was told to sit the fifth drink in the middle of the cup holder.

They described her severs' attitude as ‘disgusting’ and added: “I understand they are rushed off their feet… but to speak to customers as if they are something on the bottom of her shoe is not acceptable… I won’t be returning.”

Older reviews are more positive – with one describing staff as ‘very pleasant’ and rating the place as ‘excellent.’

Another review, giving the place a 'good' (four) rating, said: “As with all fast food still need to check your bag as one item was missing from mine but was quickly replaced.”

Excellent - 8

Very good - 3

Average - 4

Poor - 3

Terrible - 12

McDonald’s, Harlech Retail Park (Cardiff Road)

This McDonald’s has an 'average' rating on TripAdvisor, based on nine reviews.

A recent reviewer acknowledged coronavirus has meant drive-throughs are often busy, but added: "That's no excuse to be incompetent."

The customer ordered two Big Mac meals – a regular one, and a meat-free one – and was apparently nearly charged for someone else’s meal, then were given the wrong food and returned it, then – upon arriving home – discovered both Big Macs were meat-free.

Others enjoyed the venue though - one diner rated it 'good' (four) after they corrected an order wrongly given to them in drive-through.

Another, reviewer - who visits regularly with their grandson - rated the Cardiff Road store as 'excellent' said: "Staff as pleasant, but perhaps service a little slow.

"Good car park space, nice to sit outside in summer and watch traffic. Just across the way from main retail park, very useful. We visit quite often - thank you."

Excellent - 3

Very good - 2

Average - 0

Poor - 1

Terrible - 3

McDonald’s Lyne Road

This Shaftesbury McDonald’s has an ‘average’ rating on TripAdvisor based on 23 reviews, with a recent spate of negative reviews in September.

One diner was picking up breakfast and described the man who served them as ‘rude’ and an ‘idiot’ after he got the order wrong.

Another person claims to have ordered through JustEat and not received anything – it’s unclear whether this was an issue with the restaurant or with the delivery company.

And another McDonald's-goer wrote: “Reheated food cold rubber chips. Bad attitude on staff member who rolled his eyes when I returned the food.”

It's a matter of opinion, with people's experiences varying - many have taken to TripAdvisor to praise this restaurant.

A review from June rated the venue as 'excellent' saying they are ‘efficient’ and ‘well-organised’ adding that: “Food was hottest we had ever received, full order correct, and I was in an out within 10 minutes with a pretty big order.”

Another wrote: “We only live a 10-minute walk away from this Mcdonald’s and with three children visit most weeks.

“The service is always very friendly and the tables clean and tidy. The food is always fresh and made to order. This is definitely one of the best Mcdonald’s out there!”

Excellent - 7

Very good - 4

Average - 1

Poor - 6

Terrible - 5

McDonald’s (High Street)

This McDonald's, based in the city centre, has a 2.5 score on TripAdvisor (between poor and average) based on nine reviews.

Although it’s not been reviewed in 2020, over the past few years it’s been rated ‘excellent’ by one reviewer, ‘very good’ by two, ‘average’ by two and ‘terrible’ by four.

The excellent review, from 2016, described their food and service as ‘consistently good’ with the reviewer popping into the High Street venue for ‘indulgence.’

A more recent review, from 2018, rated this venue as 'good' (four) with reference to ‘good service’ and food which ‘arrived in fairly good time.’

Less positive reviews describe the food as 'McCold' with a few referencing staff members being 'rude' or making them feel 'blanked' - however, these reviews are not recent so it is not clear if the staff members referred to still work there.

Excellent - 1

Very good - 2

Average - 2

Poor - 0

Terrible - 4

McDonald’s (Newport Retail Park)

Spytty's McDonald's fared the worst on TripAdvisor - it is rated 1.5 (between terrible and poor) based on 15 reviews.

A recent review scored this restaurant as ‘poor' (two) because they forgot to add tartar sauce to a fillet o fish; another rated them as 'terrible' (one) because they forgot to add bacon and hash browns to his breakfast.

Neither of these reviews mentions whether they notified the restaurant.

Earlier this year – in March – a reviewer gave this store a ‘terrible’ rating and described one of the staff members as ‘rude’ and 'moody as hell' with a ‘disgusting’ attitude.

It’s not all bad though; one reviewer rated the venue as 'excellent' (five) and said: “It’s not designed to be Michelin standard, but it does fill you up. Staff are friendly and the service was good.”

Another review, praising the Big Mac, rates this restaurant as 'very good' (four).

Excellent - 1

Very good - 1

Average - 0

Poor - 3

Terrible - 10

Information was accurate at the time of publication - reviews may be added in the future changing the overall ratings and do not reflect the opinion of South Wales Argus.