THE ASHBRIDGE Inn, Cwmbran is just one of many Table, Table restaurants now focussing on the best of British food. We sent Fitzroy Hutchinson and family along for a taster session.

The Ashbridge has a great modern feel to it and benefits from welcoming staff.

The night we visited we were immediately taken to our table so we could sample jus tsome of the dishes being offered under the new menu. The focus is on locally sourced produce and the promise is that the menu will change from month to month.

The variety offered is quite staggering.

The Table Table Platter (£8)provided a selection of onion rings, mushrooms in bread crumbs, chicken strips, duck parcels and potato wedges, accompanied by a salsa, sour cream and bbq sauces.

The Continental Platter (£11), of bread, cured meats, baked camembert and green olives was so good it is set to become a starter of choice for me from now on.

The food was tasty, all fresh tasting and the batter for the strips and onion rings deliciously soft.

I was keen to sample the main menu to see if it could live up to the standard of the starters. It did.

The Lamb Hotpot, Beef and Vegetable Casserole, Duck Sausages and Hand battered Haddock (starting from £4.99 per dish) were all top notch.

The Hotpot and Casserole were rich in flavour and beautifully succulent.

I only had a small portion of both but would definitely enjoy either as a main choice. The Hand Battered Haddock was fresh tasting, with a batter that was not overly crunchy, just right.

My favourite I have to say was the unusual duck sausages.

They were beautiful, had I not had to share I wouldn?t have done, they were the sweetest tasting sausages I had ever had and nice change from the norm.

On to the desserts, (starting from £3.25) Bread and Butter Pudding, Raspberry Cranachan, Strawberry Fool and Rice Pudding, all of these dishes were a compliment to the dishes that had gone before, fresh, light and delicious.

The Ashbridge has hit the nail on the head with this move.

It has upped its game by adding another option to their extensive quality menu.