Q: How long have you been a chef and where did you train?

A: I have been a chef for 14 years and I did my training in Newport at the Celtic Manor Resort.

Q: Why did you decide to follow this career path?

A: I chose it because I was inspired by my brother who is a great chef.

Q: What is the ethos behind the dishes you create?

A: I like to create good home cooked meals like our steak and ale pie and chicken curry.

We cook reasonably priced food and dishes which suit our friendly and comfortable environment.

Q: Who is your foodie hero?

A: It would have to be Gordon Ramsay because of his passion for food as well as his dedication.

Q: What do you think about the way food, restaurants and chefs have become 'sexy' in recent years?

A: I certainly don’t feel like a sexy chef! But my food can be very sexy - especially when I use passion fruit.

Q: You've got the night off to spend a quiet evening at home and you want something to eat - what would you have?

A: I would make sausage and mash, onion gravy and mushy peas.