How long have you been a chef and where did you train?

I've been a chef since I was 16 for 23 years and trained locally at Crosskeys College,

Why did you decide to follow this career path?

I decided to train as a chef because of my uncle who trained in the army. He had done his basic training and came back and shocked us on how well he could cook – thanks Andrew!

But we come from a long line of cooks. I think it’s in my blood.

What is the ethos behind the dishes you create?

My ethos is good wholesome food and flavour, Thai is inspirational - the freshness and the flavour.

Who is your foodie hero?

My food hero is Raymond Blanc. His recipes are always full of flavour and look amazing.

What do you think about the way food, restaurants and chefs have become "sexy" in recent years?

I like the way food and eating out have become sexy in recent years, I think it makes people try different dishes that the generation before wouldn’t normally try – I think Nigella goes a bit over the top and Come Dine With Me is one of the best shows ever ...the narrator makes me laugh all the way through.

You’ve got the night off to spend a quiet evening at home and you want something to eat – what would you have?

A top night in would be totally comfort food - decent bangers and mash and a nice bottle of red… or two!