THE Guide spent a few minutes with JULIE MUNDY, who became the chef at The Ferns, Lliswerry, after taking over in November 2010.

Q: How long have you been a chef, and where did you train?

A: I have been cooking for as long as I can remember.

I was taught by my mother, who was taught by her mum, and her mum before that! Generations and generations of cooks in our family.

Q: Why did you decide to follow this career path?

A: I enjoyed being creative in the kitchen, and experimenting with different ingredients, etc.

Q: What is the ethos behind the dishes you create?

A: I like to offer good wholesome food, that people will enjoy, that is free from all of the false frozen food filled with preservatives and additives. Good home fashioned home cooked food!

Q: Who is your foodie hero?

A: It would have to be Gordon Ramsey.

Q: What do you think about the way food, restaurants and chefs have become ‘sexy’ in recent years?

A: I don’t think it’s about the food anymore.

I think more emphasis should be made on the time and creativity put into dishes, rather than the sexiness of the creator!

Q: You’ve got the night off to spend a quiet night at home, and you want something to eat – what would you have?

A: Spaghetti Bolognaise - every time!!