This week The Guide chats to Christopher Jarvis, owner of the new daytime restaurant at Breeze, Cambrian Street, Newport.

How long have you been a chef, and where did you train?

I am completely self-taught. I have owned restaurants and such like for years.

I bought my first restaurant about 15 years ago, and it all started from there.

Why did you decide to follow this career path?

I enjoyed cooking, and enjoyed food! It's as simple as that really.

What is the ethos b e h i n d the dishes you create?

I want to p r o v i d e , good, honest, wholesome food. No false microwave food. I like to use as much local produce as possible.

Who is your foodie hero?

Gordon Ramsay! I have a mask of his face in the kitchen.

I put it on if I need a little inspiration!!

What do you think about the way food, restaurants, and chefs, have become sexy in recent years?

It should always be about the food. It should not matter what the chef looks like, as long as he can cook.

You have got the night off to spend a quiet night at home, and you want something to eat.

What do you have?

Whatever the wife decides to cook. I don’t go in the kitchen at home. I refuse to cook there, after creating dishes all day at the restaurant!