How long have you been a chef and where did you train?

I've been a chef for 20 years. My father owned a restaurant in Tunisia, and some of my earliest memories was of watching him cook some amazing North African grill dishes.

Why did you decide to follow this career path?

Being raised in a restaurant, means cooking is as natural to me as breathing - and from an early age I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps.

What is the ethos behind the dishes you create?

I always try to take the best elements out of every culture, and fuse it into my cooking style.

Who is your foodie hero?

"Marco Pierre White. I am inspired by his passion for cooking, his creativity, and his refusal to allow anything but the best to leave his kitchen.

What do you think about the way food, restaurants and chefs have become "sexy" in recent years?

I think it's really positive. Multi-cultural cuisine has become reallybig in recent years, with food enthusiasts becoming much more adventurous and knowledgeable about international cuisine in general.

It's a huge confirmation of food, and the future looks bright!

You've got the night off the spend a quiet evening at home and you want to have something to eat. What would you have?

I'd cook up an authentic Italian pasta dish! Although I grew up watching my Algerian father cook some amazing North African-inspired dishes, my mother was Italian and I have inherited her love of Italian cuisine!

With a heritage like this, I had to be a chef!