Ffresh is the stylish eatery attached to the Wales Millennium Centre. You may have walked past its glazed front and wondered what it’s like. I urge you to give this place a try. My partner, my daughter and I ate one of the best meals we have had in a long time here and this is why.

To start, I had the Carmarthenshire ham and melon with the tiniest drizzle of a mustard dressing. The ham was very fine – a Welsh Serrano and complemented perfectly by the melon slices and sprigs of cress giving an earthy finish. My partner’s roasted tomato soup was good and straightforward.

There was nothing to obscure the sweetness of the tomatoes and the understated roasted flavour which was finished perfectly with a dash of cream.

My daughter’s pizza was presented on a sliver of black slate, the pizza was similarly thin, crispy and delicately smeared with a tomato sauce and a suitably cheesy and herby topping.

My shoulder of lamb, stuffed with rosemary and garlic, came as pleasing thick slices, pinkish and juicy. The roast potatoes were a delight too as was the rich and meaty gravy. However, my partner’s sea trout took the honours.

The fish was perfectly cooked, orange and moist, but not quite as delightful as its accompaniment. The cockles, prawns, spinach and fennel were astounding in their velvety butter sauce.

For dessert, my Bara Brith parfait was just that – perfect. It had the rich spiced flavour of the famed Welsh tea bread, but in a luscious creamed, iced slice. Partnered with a shot glass of thick cream and a smear of marmalade, it was just gorgeous. My partner’s apricot tart was similarly sublime, with moist almond sponge and just the right amount of apricot jam, it was in her words, “cake heaven”.

When I asked if my daughter’s ice cream, festooned with chocolate buttons and lumps of caramel was nice, I was told it was: “more than nice – it was delicious.”

We rounded off with a macchiato and a cappuccino, both wonderful and the perfect end to a perfect meal.

And with a three course lunch on offer for £18.50 a head, really good value as well.