Tonight's support act are red hot. Vintage Trouble hit the ground running with high energy retro rhythm and blues mined straight from the 1960s source. If you didn't get to see Otis Redding the first time around - and few of us have - then this was the night to see the next best thing. Frontman Ty manages to get the audience on their feet though few, if any, are familiar with the songs from the band's debut album 'The Bomb Shelter Sessions'.

Despite being a huge Queen fan I don't really understand the appeal of the musical 'We Will Rock You'. As such Kerry Ellis is a new figure to me as she floats onto the misty stage dressed in green accompanied by legendary Queen guitarist Brian May.

I'm unfamiliar with the show tunes that begin the set but Diamonds Are Forever' leads me into familiar territory. "A little bit of a Queen fest" follows with 'Somebody To Love' and 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'.

The stage is left to Brian and his signature layered guitar solo that could've been plucked from any Queen concert in their heyday. The audience rise to their feet no doubt transported back in time.

"I don't want to sing this on my own" Brian coaxes as he begins 'Love of my Life'. Kerry rejoins Brian for the final lines then delves into her debut album with 'I Loved A Butterfly' and 'Save Me'.

Tonight it's tough to distinguish the Kerry fans from the Brian May fans. The duo have indeed succeeded in blurring the boundaries between rock and theatre.