It says a lot about the trajectory of Lady Gaga’s career that a mere three years after first dinting the charts her tribute act can pack out St David’s Hall. Not only that but the support act for The Lady Gaga Experience is a tribute act to Pink, who has been regularly having hits for more than a decade..

Aside from being a missed opportunity for a witty tribute act name (Salmon? Cerise?) P!nk (CORR) both looks like the American singer and does a pretty good approximation of her throaty voice.

However, the crowd reserves its full-on enthusiasm for the headliner.. Singer Donna Marie understands attention to detail is what make a good mimic and has went all out to replicate her muse’s theatrical live show, with slick dancers and choreography, multiple costume changes, an elaborate stage set and a big screen showing videos from Gaga’s own live show and music promos. After belting out all the hits (Just Dance, Alejandro, Poker Face) she finishes with Bad Romance. The fans strongly demand an encore and Donna Marie returns to perform Born This Way. A delighted audience left having enjoyed as close as you can get to the real thing for a value for money price