Undoubtedly Enrique Iglesias knows what his fans what...and crawling towards middle-age at 36 years of age, he still knows how to deliver.

Following an impressive warm-up set by Lemar, who effortlessly delivered hits such as Time to Grow, If She Knew and of course If There's Any Justice, the scene was set for the Latin lothario to weave his magic.

The mostly female, capacity audience were on their feet from the start, and fittingly the casually dressed chart topper started and ended the evening with Tonight (I'm Loving You) but two hours in ending unsurprisingly, with the raunchier, unsuitable for radio, version of the same number.

He is undfoubtedly the master of his art, he has no need for elaborate staging or gimmicks, knowing that every eye is firmly trained on him...he definitely works it, inviting the audience to get up close and personal with all the confidence of an icon.

He delivers a selection of high-energy hit such as, Taking Back My Love, Escape and Tired of Being Sorry without breaking a sweat or missing a note Cementing his broad appeal, he invites a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary along with some youngsters from the audience to share his stage, adding a personal touch, even giving them the mic in a calculated move that luckily worked this time!

An impressive 7 piece backing band maintain the energy throughout, only toning it slighty for Addicted, Can I Have This Kiss For Ever and the ubiquitous Hero before ending ceremoniously with a neat nod to Cee Lo Green and a cover of Forget You. Then, finishing just where we started...this time with every female, and undoubtedly a few men wishing they were loving Enrique, Tonight!

This pop superstar remains firmly on top of his game.