If you live with anyone under the age of four you’re likely to know the ins and outs of the life of one Miss Peppa Pig. You also probably know all about Danny Dog, Miss Rabbit, Pedro Pony, Rebecca Rabbit, Baby Alexander, Freddy Fox, Zoe Zebra... but before I lose the attention of anyone without a toddler I’ll save my breath (or typing fingers) and just say Peppa Pig and I are reluctant friends.

When I explained to my daughter, for whom Peppa places in her list of importance somewhere between ‘Daddy’ and ‘eating’, that we were going to visit Peppa Pig World I was met with slight confusion and excitement.

In hindsight telling a toddler they we were visiting Peppa before setting off for the two hour journey was probably a mistake as the car ride then consisted of ‘Peppa Pig World now?’ every two minutes.

Peppa Pig World is a large attraction inside Paultons Park theme park near Romsey, Hampshire. It has seven Peppa-themed rides suitable for all ages and an indoor soft play area, among other features. Also at Paultons Park is a host of rollercoasters, a 4D cinema, real penguins and the Lost Kingdom dinosaur attraction which houses lots of animatronics and rides - perfect for older kids. As our day was being curated by a rather excited tot I will admit that most of the attractions outside of Peppa Pig World went unexplored. I guess this is handy to know though as the site may seem small on the map but just Peppa Pig World alone was enough to entertain our daughter for around six hours. I will also say that the attraction is clearly built with little legs in mind, each ride or stall is close to its neighbour and there are no steep hills or uneven terrain.

Visually Paultons Park is a treat. As you enter the grounds you are met with a large flower water feature; beyond the gates there is a floating globe. The paths are well maintained and the shops - both their exteriors and interiors - are colourful and inviting.

The aesthetics of Peppa Pig World are in keeping with the show - bright and cartoonish. Grandpa Pig greets you as you cross the train tracks into the attraction. The music (a selection of jingles from the TV show) plays on a loop. While this may sound like every parents’ worst nightmare, I found the tunes added to the atmosphere and didn’t get annoying even after hours of hearing them (maybe I’m just used to it).

The rides are all inspired by Peppa’s adventures on the show from Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight to Windy Castle. Our personal favourite was Grandpa Pig’s Little Train. Each ride goes at a gentle speed and - unless your little one has a fear of heights - there is nothing scary about them.

A must-do stop is George’s Spaceship Play Zone but don’t be surprised if you end up spending hours in here. The play zone is a giant soft play area with slides, climbing frames and ball pits. If you have a pre-walker in your party there are calmer areas for them and the recycling centre (where you can send balls up shoots and have them rain down on you) is great for little ones who may be a little overwhelmed by the chaos of the bigger climbing areas. There are plenty of spots for parents to have a few minutes off their feet too. I also recommend sampling a strawberry milkshake (an unexpected culinary highlight of the trip) from Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Cafe adjacent.

Next door to the play zone is the gift shop. If you’re not planning on spending money on souvenirs make sure you - and the kids - steer clear of here because it’s a treasure trove. Think of anything and you will find it here with Peppa’s face on - ponchos, lollipops, plushies, mugs, magnets, aprons etc etc. It’s perfect if you’re looking to get merchandise of a particular minor character but make sure you set a budget before you go in.

If your toddler likes meeting characters be sure to check out the back of Madame Gazelle’s School House (just opposite the shop) as this is where you’re likely to see Peppa and George throughout the day. Also I recommend exploring Mr Potato’s Playground where there is a secret glockenspiel hidden beside the slide, and saying hello to the ducks outside the cafe.

All-in-all Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World is the perfect place to introduce your little one to the joys of the theme park. The rides are stimulating without the fear factor and what youngster doesn’t love Peppa?

Online tickets for Paultons Park including Peppa Pig World are priced at £27.25 for adults and children over one metre tall. Family and senior tickets are available. Children under one metre go free. For more information visit https://paultonspark.co.uk/