‘SEASIDING’ is the most popular way to spend your holidays in 2017 according to the UK’s largest holiday park operator Parkdean Resorts.

The new term has been coined by Parkdean Resorts to describe a trend in holidaymakers booking up to take a trip to the seaside, either for their children to share in the same experiences they have enjoyed years ago or simply to appreciate the wonders of a holiday by the sea.

The UK staycation market has grown steadily over recent years, with many people opting for domestic holidays over going abroad. As a result, Parkdean Resorts welcomed more than 500,000 holidaymakers in 2016, a figure which is set to increase this year - with real demand for coastal breaks in particular emerging.

The likes of the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and Wales are among the most subscribed regions for Seasiders, with parks in these areas seeing the benefits, as holidaymakers can expect to find beautiful beaches, tourist attractions, vintage-style ice cream parlours, trendy street food establishments, festivals, events, and quirky gift shops catering to all tastes and ages.

Although increasing in popularity, the typical ‘seaside holiday’ has changed significantly since its fifties heyday, as have the types of holidaymakers who often visit the coast – Parkdean Resorts has championed these different ‘seasider’ personas in an infographic. (Attached)

From the ‘hipster seasider’ who enjoys a craft beer in a trendy beachfront bistro to the ‘anytime seasider’ who may have a luxury lodge or caravan holiday home by the sea to head off to on weekends, a beachside break can be for everyone.

John Waterworth, chief executive of Parkdean Resorts, said: “This year will see more and more people reliving memories of childhood holidays at the sea, reflected by an uplift in our booking figures for 2017 breaks across our coastal parks.

“While nostalgia and tradition play an important part in the trend, ‘seasiding’ is all about holidaying at the coast in new ways. The seaside offering has evolved considerably over the decades since my parents visited as children, not least on our parks which now provide caravans with central heating and double glazing, and often with indoor pools and adventure play areas, making it comfortable to holiday both sides of the peak summer months.

“There’s nowhere better to holiday than the British seaside – you only have to look at Newquay in Cornwall, Porthcawl in Wales or Tynemouth in the North East to see towns with true character, impressive independent businesses and a whole host of things to do, as well as stunning coastal scenery to enjoy.”

John said: “We have made a significant investment of £50m across our parks on accommodation, retail and leisure facilities this year, where families can create memories that will last a lifetime.”

To celebrate what the seaside has to offer and provide holidaymakers with inspiration for coastal hotspots to visit and what to do when they get there, Parkdean Resorts has launched a dedicated section to Seasiding on its new website www.parkdeanresorts.co.uk/seasiding.