With summer well and truly here, what are the chances you’ll have a holiday romance?

Statistics from travel search site momondo.co.uk show this might be more likely than imagined, with 27 per cent of Brits stating they’ve had a holiday romance or flirtatious experience with a stranger on holiday, during at least one point in their lives. This compared to 29 per cent of Brits who were asked the same question in 2016.

And interestingly, of those who have decided to go on a holiday by themselves this year, seven per cent stated it is specifically to look for love.

The holiday romance phenomenon could be largely down to the fact we feel more relaxed and content on our breaks and as a result, chat to more people.

On trips 54 per cent of Brits questioned by momondo stated they like talking to locals they meet, 38 per cent like talking to tourists from other countries and 36 per cent like talking to tourists from their own country. So perhaps it’s no surprise some of these conversations result in a spark.

Furthermore, UK spokesperson at momondo Neil James Cartwright, states it is important for many Brits to relax while away, and as a result meeting new people can play a significant role.

He said: "When we book a trip abroad, we automatically open our minds to new experiences. These of course may come by visiting different places, but also could come via meeting new people in these locales. Free from the monotony of everyday life, we take more time to savour the moment on holiday, drinking in the destination, and chatting to fellow travellers or locals alike. It fits then, that romantic encounters may follow if both parties are in the mood! These can form great holiday memories or even for some long-term partnerships.”