We all know TikTok is the place to be when it comes to trying new quirky recipes or finding the latest cheap hacks for removing mould in the bathroom.

But many might not realise it’s the ideal social media app for scouting exercise ideas for those who are not a fan of stepping foot inside a gym.

This includes myself - don’t get me wrong, I love a good walk, a therapeutic swim and even at-home workout videos but a busy, bright environment for someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing when it comes to fitness can be overwhelming.

That’s why I decided to try the TikTok trend cosy cardio, to see if it really made the difference that the online world suggests (and especially because I’m all about cosy aesthetics).

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What is the TikTok trend cosy cardio?

Founder of the ‘Cozy Cardio Club’, TikTok creator Hope Zuckerbrow (@hope_zukerbrow) created the idea when she posted her early morning cardio routines last year.

The whole point of cosy cardio is to making exercise a fun activity to become part of your everyday routine instead of a traditional workout.

“Shifting the narrative from ‘no pain, no gain’ to a gentle and nurturing approach to exercise, cosy cardio encourages us to redefine our relationship with movement - refocusing the emphasis on wellbeing over intensity, explains Lee Mitchell, personal trainer and UK Fitness Ambassador for Renpho UK to Women’s Health.

South Wales Argus: It turns out Modern Family is a good series to watch during workouts and not just for funIt turns out Modern Family is a good series to watch during workouts and not just for fun (Image: Newsquest)

To create this ideal environment, people have been putting on their favourite playlists, films, lighting candles and switching on fairy lights, all whilst working out in their loungewear.

Many have been using a ‘walking board’ as their choice of cardio exercise too.

Is the TikTok trend cosy cardio a new alternative for exercise at home?

I tried a bit of cosy cardio after work one afternoon as I figured the ‘vibe’ was something I really craved to wind down.

Firstly, it felt really bizarre to not put on any typical workout clothes, so I swapped the leggings and t-shirt for one of my most comfy loungewear sets (which is definitely in need of de-bobbling).

I then put my fairy lights on in the kitchen, made a coffee using my trusty Nespresso machine and pressed play on one of my go-to cardio fitness videos on YouTube, as a ‘walking board’ is not something I wanted to invest in.

This time, I decided to turn the upbeat music off and instead play one of my new Spotify discoveries, the soulful voice of Yebba.

@hope_zuckerbrow COZY CARDIO💗✨ #fyp #cardio #weightloss #walkingpad #cozy #cozycardio #cozycardioclub ♬ Little Things - Tiqta

Halfway through stretches, lunges and a lot of twists and turns, I wondered how this setup could compare to watching a film.

This was when I decided to move into the living room, light a new Beauty Pie candle and played a loop of Modern Family episodes on Disney+ to keep me company in the background.

As I continued the workout video, I realised I felt calmer than I usually do when following along with energetic instructors through a screen.

There was something quite comforting about exercising this way as it felt very natural and came with ease, rather than psyching myself up to move my body after a busy day and it becoming much more of a deal than it should.

That’s why I truly recommend everyone should give cosy cardio a go, no matter what level of fitness you have or however you like to move your body.

Just take half an hour away from your to-do lists or switch off from any troubles with an exercise that works for you, surrounded by all your favourite things.