I HAVE to disagree with the Argus pandering to the pet dog fraternity.

We know they unite to attack anyone who casts doubt on dogs or their owners, but the fact remains there is a significant area of owners who should not be allowed one, and owners who put their animals before the health and well-being of children, who allow the desecration of parks, built for humans, not animals to defecate all over, and children's playgrounds and sports fields.

Dog owners who claim to clean up after them have to be taken to task, as we see them throwing their bagged faeces into trees and hedgerows.

We don't expect dogs to be toilet trained, we do expect their owners to be!

A ban on dogs in parks, playgrounds and playing fields should be a norm and a hefty fine for owners found ignoring the rules.

If the dog fraternity wants to show itself as responsible, then it needs to tackle the minority who don't care what their animals do.

Time the Argus stopped bowing to pet owner pressure too.

Mervyn James


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