Bailey is a pug/jack russell cross, affectionately known as a 'Jug', and he's about 2-3 years old.

Bailey has been waiting to meet his perfect forever family for nearly two months, and he is beginning to get a little despondent because much as he loves the staff and volunteers at Newport City Dogs Home, he would much rather be curled up on his very own sofa.

Although he has been waiting patiently by his kennel door to hear his owners footsteps, it's clear that this time no-one is coming to take him back home.

Bailey would love to live with someone who is around most of the time as he gets a little anxious when he's left to his own devices for too long. When Bailey arrived he had a badly injured tail as he had been chasing and biting it. The vets advised that the best course of action was to amputate his tail and Bailey has recovered well from his surgery. The staff and volunteers are doing everything they can to try to keep Bailey happy and amused so he doesn't revert to his spinning-top behaviour, but the only thing that will bring Bailey complete peace of mind is to have a family of his own to love and take care of him.

If you have room on your sofa for a little one, you would be very welcome to come to meet Bailey. Please phone the staff on 01633 290902, or visit during opening hours. Between 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4pm, on weekdays, 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 3.30pm on Saturday. Please note: the home is closed on Sundays.