Gogglebox newbies Giles and Mary have been around for more than a month.

The couple from Wiltshire, who are known to be obsessed with art and design, did not go down well with the die-hard fans at the start but it seems people are now warming up to them.

We seem to be getting past the awkward fact that their wallpaper matches their arm chair.

1. They have a cupboard full of broken crockery

Yes, that’s right – the couple have a ‘mending cupboard’ which basically contains junk in some serious need of TLC.

2. Their marriage was ‘arranged’

You have to love Giles’ sense of humour.

While watching First Dates – where random people go on blind dates – Giles said he thought all marriages should be arranged and then went on to tell Mary: “Ours was an arranged marriage – you arranged it.”

3. Mary likes a bacon rasher in the morning

While watching a bunch of hungry women scavenge for food in an episode of Bear Grylls’ The Island, Giles made an interesting observation about his wife.

“Mary you won’t like this,” he said as he and his wife watched a group of women dive into a sleeping pig to kill it for food. “But you do like a rasher in the morning.”

4. Giles thinks that creepy ghost in Inside No 9 looks like Noddy Holder

While other Goggleboxers were scared out of their minds watching the BBC Two’s Inside No 9, Mary and Giles managed to look impassive throughout the programme.

He even managed to make a comment about the rather creepy looking female ghost, comparing her to Noddy Holder, the lead guitarist and vocalist for Slash.

People didn’t share his views.

5. Giles knows something about the human body

Prime Minister David Cameron said he felt pretty ‘pumped up’ during this week’s election campaign, but Giles of course, had an interesting medical observation to make.

“I think the human body isn’t meant to be this pumped up,” he said in response to the PM’s passionate speech.

6. Mary has an eclectic choice of clothing

It seems someone is in serious need of some fashion advice.