THE Obelisk Piano Trio are Mackenzie Paget (piano), Laura Embrey (violin) and Natalie Bechmann (cello), third year undergraduates from the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, and in this concert maintained the fine tradition of excellent music making from the RNCM.

A spirited performance of the Haydn Trio in E flat major started the concert, and the young players gave full justice to the technical demands of scale work and arpeggios while giving the utmost respect to the composer’s witty and demanding requirements.

Three works in the middle of the concert were the very well known Chanson de Matin (Elgar), Humoresque (Dvorak) and Salut d’amour (Elgar) all played with clarity, sympathy and entirely apt for a Saturday lunchtime.

The final work was the wonderful Schumann Trio in G minor, Op 110 No 3. A very ambitious choice, thoroughly appreciated by the discerning audience.

Intensely romantic, weaving violin melodies in the opening, wonderful interplay between the three instruments, fugal sections, strong rhythms, four movements in total – kept the good audience enthralled.

A very enjoyable lunchtime concert raising funds towards “fixing the roof”.

Paul Green