A SHOW filled with laughter, sadness, story-telling and some damn fine fabulous outfits.

Latrice Royale stormed the stage at her packed out show in Cardiff’s Glee Club for the sold-out show Here’s to Life.

A former contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Four – Latrice is a drag queen renowned for her iconic laugh and sassy phrases. 

Here’s to Life incorporates not only Latrice’s huge personality, but also looks into her life and background before she started drag. 

The show starts off with a no frills entrance from the queen – who dressed in a fabulous sparkling gown with huge diamond rings and jewellery.

She goes on to discuss her relationship with the “love of her life” fiancé Christopher Hamblin – who accompanies her on the piano – before regularly breaking into ballads and the occasional lip-sync.

Watching the show, it’s easy to see that Latrice loves performing, and that she’s also a born performer. 

Not only did the show get a huge amount of laughs from the audience but it also brought tears to everyone’s eyes during some very emotional tales.

The show was the exact right amount of time and balanced the funny and emotional sides excellently, with the ending song leaving the audience feeling light and uplifted. 

All fans of this fantastic drag queen will know of her charm, but to get a full taste of Latrice Royale you mustn’t miss Here’s to Life