A NAUTICAL theme prevailed throughout during this concert to mark the 15th anniversary of the discovery of the Newport Medieval Ship. 

St Woolos Sinfonia, conducted by Tianji Lu, performed six works, opening with the Hornpipe from Handels Water Music, an eminently suitable choice to start proceedings.

Then followed a fine performance of Mendelssohn - The Hebrides Overture, and concluding the first half with Anglesey Seascapes, a romantic work by Gareth Glyn, performed by strings alone.

Moelfre, the last movement, was particularly elegiac, representing shipwrecks and memories.

The fourth work of the evening was the ever popular Blue Danube Waltz. We could have been in Vienna for the New Year’s Day concert, such was the wonderful performance and eminent dignitaries present.

The fifth work was Variations on a Well Known Sea Shanty. What shall we do with the drunken sailor is a recurring eight bar tune, in Dorian mode, giving ample opportunity for the excellent string section to again show how accomplished they are through very interesting music.

The concluding work was new to probably everybody in the almost full theatre. This was the highlight, a movement from a Symphony by Arriaga, (The Spanish Mozart).

Particularly poignant, as the composer was from the Basque region, where Newport Ship was built.

A fitting work with which to end a most interesting concert, especially significant in support of such a worthy and historic project.

Paul Green