A NIGHT of shameless self-indulgence from a hugely entertaining band is what people expected – and got. Come the end of this gig it was clear Shikari’s penchant for delivering deliberately disjointed fist-pumping tracks is as alive as ever. 

After sets from support bands Astroid Boys and spadefuls of rock riffs from Lower Than Atlantis, Shikari entered the stage.  

They opened with Sights, Solidarity and the Brexit-themed Take My Country Back, before launching into, for me, highlights Thermometers and Rabble Rouser.

The whole arena was a wall of classic Shikari sound, rock, electro, soaring vocals, punching percussion, the whole range. The moshers’ night was completed by a quickfire Not a Winner, Sssnakepit, Meltdown and Antwerpen.

Fans clearly enjoyed every minute – and it looked like the band did too, despite the empty seats and space around the floor’s edges.

The night closed with Redshift and Live Outside. A fine night of pure Shikari, typically chaotic music, a fusion of dance, rock, pop and a whole lot more. 

Owen Pearce