THIS production by Wales’ oldest pantomime company was traditional panto at its best – plenty of slapstick, fabulous costumes and a well drilled chorus of youngsters.

Abergavenny Pantomime Company first started in 1932 and attracts a full house every night, and deservedly so.

The script was written by Liz Davies and there were no awkward pauses, it all flowed smoothly from one scene to another.

Joe Pugh made a welcome return to the stage as the title character and he was comfortable in the role with great stage presence, making the most of playing the fool. He had a great rapport with the dame, played by company stalwart Ken Jones and their duet Do You Think I’m Sexy was a big hit.

Emma Davies won the acting oscar for her part as Jack’s girlfriend Jill and Peter Holder was suitably evil as Sir Stinky Pinky who “boils them in oil”.

Suzanne Meates and Millie Vaughan work well together as Paige Turner and The Book and their duet Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better was one of the highlights.

Tristan Williams and Jane Gilbert were hysterical as Arthur Sixpence and Arthur Dozen, the evil baron’s wicked henchmen.

Special mention must go to Hermione Williams as the slinky cat, complete with heelies to help her glide across the stage.

The young chorus excelled, particularly with the older members in the Spice Girls’ Wannabe and the youngest in When I Grow Up.

The dancing was well choreographed by Molly Brickley Clark  and highlights were the fairy dance starring the youngest girls and the Zombie Dance performed by the older members.

A lovely family show not to be missed, performances every day until Saturday, with two matinees.

Lesley Flynn