IF YOU’RE looking for something to entertain the kids this half-term, take them to watch Dick Whittington at the Dolman Theatre, presented by the Newport Pantomime and Musical Society. 

A night full of laughter, jokes and innuendoes, this traditional pantomime had the adults laughing out loud along with the kids from the very start.

Full of colour, sparkle, and wonderful young dancers, the fantastic costumes and backdrops transported the audience to the world of Dick Whittington who, helped by his cat, Tommy, is seeking his fortune in London. He meets a host of characters about to set sail for Morocco, including the Panto villain, Queen Rat and her little troupe of ‘rat’ dancers’, determined to foil Dick Whittington’s attempts to become mayor of London.

An enthusiastic and energetic Jack Idle (who would make a brilliant children’s presenter) interacted beautifully with the kids, along with the glorious Panto Dame, Vicky, resplendent in the wide array of spectacular costumes, providing many a laugh.  

Laughs were also provided by the comedy duo of Captain Cutlass and Mr Winkle – Mr Winkle, in particular, with some superb physical comedy that had the crowd in hysterics at times.  

The audience was fully engaged throughout this performance, clapping and singing along to the popular tunes, shouting out the conventional “He’s behind you” and the appearance of Queen Rat eliciting the traditional boos and hisses from the excited crowd. 

This wonderful way to introduce children to the world of theatre runs until Saturday. 

Julie Benson