THE legendary Rat Pack were renowned for their wisecracking musical performances at Las Vegas and this show sets out to recreate the sort of atmosphere they generated when on stage.

It is also a musical journey through some of the finest classic songs of the era.

While the three performers never quite developed the unique individual performances, they worked well together to provide a snapshot of what their shows would have been like.

The hit of the show is undoubtedly Garrett Phillips as Sinatra. He sings with the same edge to his voice and the same smooth delivery of such great numbers as My Kinda Town and of course My Way.

Sammy Davis Jr is played by David Hayes who works hard perfecting the mannerisms displayed by the entertainer while vocally getting very close to the man himself.

The introduction of Ella Fitzgerald played by Nicola Emmanuelle and the celebration of her music brought a new dimension to the show.

The concert certainly shows what life was like when the three talented performers took to the stage.

The show continues for the rest of the week.

Malcolm Rees