WHILE not telling the complete story of The King this new musical gives a snapshot of the extraordinary comeback of Elvis after years of poor movies and recording poor songs.

It hints at the many problems he faced in his short life – drugs, marriage problems and his relationship with manager Col Tom Parker – without ever going too deeply.

The show focuses on the 1968 NBC TV spectacular which re-introduces his many fans to the musician he was, and Elvis himself to his roots.

On the strength of that show he is booked to appear at the International Hotel Las Vegas where his doubts about performing before a live audience return. But the show is a massive hit and the King is back.

But it is his songs which are at the heart of the musical and the second half – a recreation of that Las Vegas performance - features no less than 20 numbers and a pulsating climax.

Canadian Steve Michaels looks and sings a lot like Elvis and gives an extraordinary performance. His energy levels are remarkable and quite exhausting even for the audience who only had to sit and watch.

He also has the backing of a talented group of actor/musicians.

In many ways the show recreates a brief moment in a short career but for Presley fans it is a chance to taste a little of the performer and his music although he never performed in the UK.

The show continues for the rest of the week.

Malcolm Rees