CENTRE Stage Cymru performed Top Hat at the Dolman Theatre last night to an almost full house and finished on a standing ovation. 

Top Hat, a stage musical based on the 1935 film of the same name, is full of Hollywood glitz and glamour, with a fantastic art deco set and a cast of dashing men and beautiful ladies, celebrating 1930s song and dance to the well-orchestrated music.

Becci Jarvis, a vision of Hollywood loveliness with her exquisite white feathered gown, showed off her talent with some fantastic dancing as Dale Tremont, with Jerry Travers (Jordan Archer) demonstrating a strong, fine singing voice throughout the performance.  

Humour came in the form of Jordan Leigh in his role as Italian Alberto Beddini, who had the audience in hysterics.

The comedy ramped up in the second act, with more humour coming from Bates (Luke Palfrey), and the unlucky Horace Hardwick (Joseph Gibson) and his wife Madge (Michelle Meano).

Escapism and nostalgia guaranteed for fans of the Hollywood musical, Top Hat is running until tomorrow.

Julie Benson