EVER wondered how to make the perfect brew? Well wonder no longer as Seán McGowan guides you with a delightful, and somewhat delirious, new video for Cuppa Tea.

Though perhaps don’t take this advice too literally. In a video that quickly pans out like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party meets Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, we find our protagonist presenting Doo With McGoo - a cookery demonstration programme that’s more cutting edge than is perhaps close for comfort. Brave it yourself, if you dare.

Taken from Seán’s imminent new album release, Cuppa Tea is just the latest single to emerge from the refreshing batch of tracks that make up Son of The Smith.

Whilst the video provides a glimpse of Seán’s endearing quality for a lightness of touch when the moment is right, lyrically Cuppa Tea sees the Southampton singer delving deeper to challenge the disproportionate work/life balance and squeezed incomes that many of us endure in modern Britain.

Speaking about the track Seán said: “Cuppa Tea is very much me calling it how I see it. It’s my refusal to accept second best for myself or anyone else. In a world where money rules I’ll do anything and everything to even the playing field.”

A revitalising brew of smart lyricism and infectious songwriting, stirred through with a swirl of satire Cuppa Tea is the perfect indicator of what’s in the bag for Seán’s debut album.

Recorded at SS2 Studios in Southend with label mate Sam Duckworth and Jay Malhotra, Son of The Smith is out now on Xtra Mile Recordings.