FIVE churches in Caldicot are celebrating a Big Birthday Bash at Caldicot Castle.

Church-goers and members of the public are invited to the joint celebration, organised by Caldicot and District Churches Together, on Sunday, May 20 from midday until 4pm.

Entertainment will include a number of on-stage activities including children’s entertainment, drama, music and a guest speaker – Tim Robertson, partnership director of Compassion UK.

The day of the celebration marks a biblical event called the ‘The day of Pentecost.’

It celebrates the day, shortly after the death of Jesus, when the Holy Spirit is said to have descended on Jesus’ disciples.

The Caldicot Castle Party will include a hog roast, with hot dogs as an alternative.

The Rev Laurence Brackpool, event co-ordinator, said the day is an “exciting opportunity to celebrate the birth of the church.”

The Rev Preben Andersen, minister at Caldicot Methodist Church and chairman of Churches Together in Caldicot & District, said he hoped lots of people would come to enjoy the fun.

He added: “When you look at the state of the world, and world politics, it is easy to get dismayed.

“When I look at the words and actions of Jesus, I have a new hope. I believe we all need something to hold onto and someone to believe in and for me that someone is Jesus.”

Tickets are available from Craft Coffee’ in Newport Road, Caldicot (cash only), or by visiting