A new shop is opening up on 147 Commercial Street, Newport, offering a completely different shopping experience. STORE is unlike a normal high street shop selling pre-packaged goods in tins, bags or boxes. It sells live performances and you can buy them at prices starting from as low as 50p. With over sixty performances to choose from, there really is a performance for everyone. STORE opens its doors in Newport on Wednesday 24 September with an official opening ceremony at 11am.

STORE is a project by Japanese performance artist's Michikazu Matsune and Austrian David Subal and produced by MIGRATIONS. The artists play humorously with the global phenomenon of shopping, and perform especially for each shopper in STORE. During the performances they create a physical product which the customer can either take away or have delivered by post.

Migrations director Karine Decorne said "Store is such a fantastic project, we're thrilled to be able to bring it to Wales again after hosting it in Bangor and Wrexham in the past. The performances are great and really affordable too, so everyone should grab themselves a bargain at STORE. All are welcome to come and browse - its a completely new way to experience performance."

STORE has previously appeared internationally at Vienna, Paris, Kyoto and New York.

STORE will be at Project Space, 147 Commercial Street, Newport from Wednesday 24 September until Saturday 27 September and will be open 10am - 4pm each of those dates. There will be an official opening ceremony on Wednesday 24 September at 11am. There is no need to pre-book, customers just need to turn up and see what takes their fancy.