Senior actors from Haberdashers Monmouth School for Girls and Monmouth School, supported by a large movement and speaking chorus, will present Trojan Women by Euripides on Tuesday 18th, Wednesday 19th and 20th November at 7pm in the Main Hall at HMSG.

This exciting project has been collaboration between the Drama, Dance and Classics departments at HMSG, involving over 70 performers.

In Simon Goldhill’s book on How to Stage Greek Theatre Today, he identifies key questions. Given Greek plays were written for a particular style of open air theatre, how can modern productions respond to this challenge? How can the chorus be portrayed? How can the actors master the long speeches and formal language, which even highly skilled performers would find difficult? How can a play of the fifth century BC relate to a contemporary audience and how can theatre present not only larger than life heroes, but also the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Troy? In studying this text with AS Level Drama and Theatre students the desire to stage Trojan Women has grown over the years. Euripides was interested in portraying women in society, slavery, democracy, politics, dictatorship and the role of religion. His plays question the moral issues surrounding warfare, even though as he was writing this play, Athens and its allies were involved in ongoing wars.

The recent commemorations of the First World War, 2014 seems an appropriate time to reflect on war and the millions of displaced women and children still suffering. The story is set in a refugee camp where the women await deportation.

Tickets are available from HMSG Reception Box Office for £8 (£6 for students). For further information visit