Celebrating the 175TH year of the Chartist movement, The Forgotten is about people, about people’s art, and the native love of song. It’s about people being heard and being proud of their history, roots and community.

Featuring music by Justin Nicholls,. Libretto by Patrick Jones and Vanessa Dodd and directed by Chris Durnall, The Forgotten sounds the silent voices of history in music, drama and song –the voices of working men, women and children who joined in protest against the injustices of the age, and who with a little bread and cheese in their pockets, left their homes on a wet November evening and walked into history. A ragged swathe of humanity, whose journey ended abruptly, when their call for their ‘One Man, One Vote’ was met by government troops and gun fire and their leaders imprisoned and tried.

The Forgotten rins at The Riverfront Theatre at 7.30pm on November 19th 2014 as well as a 2pm matinee and another 7.30pm performance on November 20th 2014

Tickets £10 Concessions £8, for further details ring 01633 656757