WELL, what more can be said about Alice Cooper? If the saying ‘form is temporary, class is permanent’ applies in live rock – Alice is the man.

A packed arena was greeted to a night of all the Cooper classics, I’ll Bite Your Face Off, Billion Dollar Babies, Hey Stoopid, Go To Hell and so much more. Highlights included Feed My Frankenstein, when our man was strapped to an upright table and ‘electrocuted’, sparks flying everywhere, all while a giant Frankenstein’s Monster, mouthing the lyrics, sloped and ambled around the stage.

Any younger fans more used to Marilyn Manson or Slipknot would have found the whole gig pretty tame in the ‘shock rock’ stakes – but that’s not the point. Cooper is the grand-daddy of the genre, and he sticks to what he does best: Delivering a cracking show of classic hard rock. A mention too for guitarist Orianthi, she was in sparkling form.

The 90-minute set closed with the inevitable School’s Out, fused with covered lyrics from Another Brick in the Wall. Earlier, the likes of Dirty Diamonds (Cooper throwing necklaces into the crowd) and Welcome 2 My Nightmare, kept the night’s buzz going.

Early next year Alice will be 65 – but he still has the on-stage energy of someone a good 25 years younger. Good on him.