THE former vice-chancellor of Newport’s university has branded its merger with Glamorgan a “takeover” after Glamorgan’s vice-chancellor was named head of the new institution.

Dr Peter Noyes left the University of Wales, Newport, in July for personal reasons, bringing his 16 year tenure to an end.

He had always championed the creation of a new, entrepreneurial university for the region as a means of delivering education minister Leighton Andrews’ vision of a single higher education institution in South East Wales.

But last week he spoke out on Twitter to react to news that Glamorgan’s current vice-chancellor, Professor Julie Lydon, would lead the newinstitution to be created when a merger between the two universities is complete next year.

Quoting a link to the Argus’ online story, he tweeted: “Due process followed? Looks like a take over to me.”

A second tweet said: “Looks like a sad day for Newport. A university built on the foundations of a meritocracy crowns a new leader #Glamorgantakeover” He later responded to a Glamorgan student who tweeted asking him: “Shouldn’t the positions have been advertised and the new management team appointed that way?”

Dr Noyes replied: “Of course”.

Newport’s university currently has only an acting vice-chancellor, Professor Stephen Hagen, who took over following Dr Noyes’ departure.

But Newport’s current chairman of governors, Andrew Wilkinson, is expected to take up the chairman’s role of the newinstitution in July 2013 The universities said the decision was made following a “due diligence” exercise carried out as part of merger talks, which revealed there were no barriers to delay it any further.

Merger talks started earlier this year after Leighton Andrews said they, and Cardiff Metropolitan University could not survive the long term on their own. Cardiff Metropolitan opposed the move and has since been freed from the merger process by the minister.

A spokesman for Newport university said: “Peter is entitled to his views but they do not represent those of the university. The intention to appoint Andrew Wilkinson to chair the board of the new university shows the parity between the two institutions in this process.”