SEREN and Jacob were the most popular baby names in Newport in 2012, a survey revealed today.

For girls the name Ava was the second most popular, followed by Olivia and Layla, while for boys it was Jacob, Riley, Logan and Dylan.

Lists of the top 100 names for boys and girls were compiled by the kitchen paper company Bounty, from names given to 430,000 babies born in 2012.

Lisa Penney, a spokeswoman for Bounty said: "While many parents still like to follow celebrity trends choosing more unusual names for their children, it is interesting to see that the majority acknowledge they will probably have an easier ride in the playground if they choose a more traditional name, which is why more conservative names such as Harry and Amelia win out overall."

Mollie, made popular by Mollie King of the Saturdays, moved in to the top 100 girls' names list while Hugo, the name of Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor, made it into the top 100 for boys.

Newport's top girls' names of 2012 were (in order of popularity) Seren; Ava; Olivia; Layla; Evie; Megan; Isabelle; Amelia; Ruby; and Sophie.

The top boys' names in Newport were (in order of popularity) Jacob; Riley; Logan; Dylan; Jack; Oliver; James; Thomas; Leo; and Alfie.