Newport library under closure threat has city’s second most visitors A LIBRARY threatened with closure may be the second most visited outside of the city centre according to Newport council figures.

Figures obtained by an opposition Newport councillor show that only the central, reference and Tredegar House libraries had more visitors during council assessments stretching from last April to January 2013.

However the figures only cover four weeks when counts were conducted.

Newport council leisure and culture cabinet member Debbie Wilcox is considering whether to shut Maindee and Stow Hill libraries.

The authority says the current economic climate has made it impossible to continue to deliver all of its services in the traditional way.

According to the figures 15,464 visits were made to central library while 7,692 were made to the reference library, which is also based in the city centre.

Tredegar House was assessed to have had 4,620 visits, while Maindee Library had 3,553.

Malpas had 2,590 visits, while 1,936 were made to Ringland.

Stow Hill, which is also earmarked to close, had 912, but Pill Library had fewer at 745 visits.

Councillor David Fouweather obtained the data from council officers.

Counting was done in the weeks beginning April 16, July 2, October 1 and January 7.

The Argus reported last month that Maindee and Stow Hill were picked for closure because of their closeness to other sites, such as central library in the city centre.

The authority has said all residents will still be within two miles of a library, and the closures will result in savings of £58,000 in 2013/14.

A Newport council spokeswoman said visitor numbers were considered when proposals were drawn up to shut Maindee and Stow Hill library.

But the Welsh Public Library Standards, which says residents should live within two miles of a library, were also borne in mind.

She added that Cllr Wilcox has read every response to a recent consultation on the move.