A YOUNG boy from Newport orphaned in a horrific overseas car crash is out of hospital, his family said today.

One-year-old Mohammed Eisa Danial Hayat miraculously survived an accident which killed his heavily pregnant mum Bilques, 31, dad Mohammed Isshaq, 33 and grandparents Shaukat Ali, 56 and Abida, 54, on a pilgrimage trip to Mecca.

Pharmacist Saira Zenub, 29, Shaukat and Abida's daughter, was the fifth tragic victim in Friday's crash.

Rescuers found Shaukat Ali Hayat, 56, cradling the youngster, who turns two on February 20.

His family reported that Mohammed Eisa Danial, the 'Saudi miracle baby', is making good progress in his recovery from injuries including a dislocated shoulder, broken arm, ribs and scratches to the face.

Doctors say he is well enough to travel home with the rest of the family on Saturday.

"We are getting strength from his fight for survival," the source said.

The family, from Pill, were in Saudi Arabia to perform the Umrah pilgrimage, because Saira Zenub was due to get married within days.

They were in a taxi travelling to Jeddah when it crashed into a concrete bridge, somersaulted off the road and ended up in a ditch.

Following the accident, Mohammed Eisa Daniel was taken to the children's hospital in Medina.

Shaukat's brother Sma, 58, said he was traumatised but staff hugged and kissed him, amazed by his story.

The source said the kindness shown by people at home and abroad has been gratefully received.

"It's quite overwhelming how much people are supporting us," they said.

Tributes to the much-loved and well-respected family have flooded in since the crash and they have continued today, a day after they were buried in a Medina graveyard alongside famous names of the Islamic faith.

A close friend of Shaukat Hayat said he was a "very good and religious" man.

Mahmood Ali, of Chepstow Road, Newport, told the Argus they went to school together and met the night before he left for the overseas trip.

Mr Hayat had been due to act as Mr Ali's agent at a planning hearing that took place yesterday. His son Zahid Mahmood went to Saudi Arabia to attend the family's funeral.

Mr Ali said: "His brother Dr Ibrahim Hayat called me at 12.45am in the morning to say he passed away. It is a very big tragedy for the whole of Newport to lose such an honourable person."

The family are due back in Newport on Saturday ahead of a memorial service at their place of worship, the Jamia mosque, the following day.