It's a case of "let the back-row hunter, see the prey" for Dragons rugby star Tom Brown tonight, as he tackles hit TV dating show Take Me Out.

The ITV matchmaking show has become must watch Saturday night tele for an army of loyal fans, with comedian host Paddy McGuinness' catchphrase quips becoming as much household phrases as "nice to see you, to see you nice" and other fabled lines of weekend light entertainment.

This weekend the show wraps up its latest series, with the Dragons back-rower Brown descending to the stage before the show's famous lift doors slide open to reveal him to 30 waiting single ladies.

The basic premise; the male contestants negotiate a series of staggered introductions, including a video testimonial from their friends and colleagues, and demonstrating their party piece which in previous shows has ranged from skateboarding to singing.

At any time the watching women can signal their distaste for their would be Romeo by bashing the button on a stand in front of them, cutting the spotlight illuminating them on the stage.

For the finale, the boot is on the other foot, with the male contestant able to pick from any of the remaining women still lit up to take on a romantic date to the Isle of Fernando.

It's this particular element, and another of the show's famous lines, "No likey, no lighty," which strikes fear into the Dragons forward.

"I was terrified of a total blackout (no girls leaving their lights on at all),"the 29-year-old said.

"They e-mailed the club to ask if anyone wanted to be involved. I am one of the few single guys there so I just thought, I'll go for it.

"I am massive fan of the show anyway, it's great fun to watch.

"They came and filmed us training at the club so all the boys got a bit of information about it there, but they can't wait to see it now. I think they're getting their ammo ready for all the abuse," he laughs.

The entrance to the stage from the lift is key, but Brown is keeping tight-lipped about whether he showed some nifty footwork on the way out.

And quizzed on whether he bagged himself a date, the coy Brown said: "Don't go jumping to any conclusions, you'll have to watch!"