● The county experienced terrible weather conditions with snow, lightning and thunder bringing motor cars to a standstill. Trains reported extra passenger numbers.

● Rag-time in the flesh descended on the Newport Empire when ten artists from the southern states of America entertained the audience with their song and dance routines.

● The licensee of the Tredegar Arms, Church Street, Newport, was summoned for unlawfully selling two flagons of beer to a drunken man.

● It was understood that the servants of the late Viscount Tredegar were given one years wage and allowed to keep possession of their houses along with being recommended to his successor for reengagement.


● A syndicate of furniture shop owners and managers including several from Newport, won £100,000 on a Littlewoods pools coupon.

● Newport Docks came under review after worries about the decline in the coal export trade were aired by the chairman of the new British Docks Transport Board, Sir Arthur Kirby.

● Newport Employment Exchange released figures showing a drop of 600 in the number of unemployed in the town.

● Sir Henry Spencer, managing director of RTB said that the enemies spreading false propoganda about Ebbw Vale Steelworks were in for a disappointment.


● Mathern parents took Gwent Education Committee to court alleging they were not properly consulted over plans to close St Arvans and Mathern Village School

● Possible closure of Pontypool and District Hospital was on the cards as Gwent Health Authority struggled to clear £2 million worth of debt.

● Wales narrowly failed to nail a grand slam with a 10-9 win by France at the National Stadium in Cardiff. Wales and France shared the championship title.

● The battle to save Newport Passport Office received a boost after Welsh Secretary Peter Walker lent his weight to the fight.

Newport County were back in dire financial trouble after the borough council threatened to take them to court over issues with payment of weekly ground rent.