A TEENAGER was airlifted to hospital on Saturday after collapsing with suspected appendicitis on mountains near Abergavenny.

The 19-year-old, from Cirencester, was taking part in an organised 25-mile trek across the Black Mountains, near Abergavenny, when he began suffering severe abdominal pains at the summit of 2,657ft Waun Fach.

Brecon Mountain Rescue Team members were stationed across the mountain-top route at check points and a team doctor was able to give immediate assistance.

She requested emergency medication and shelter to help the seriously ill man and a team member with a local farmer’s son took the equipment by quad bike to the casualty.

Members of Brecon MRT and Abergavenny-based Longtown MRT teams then carried the stricken man two kilometres down the mountain to a point where he could be airlifted by RAF helicopter.

Peter Bradley, from Brecon MRT, said: “The conditions on the mountain with the wind and sleet meant it was vital to get the casualty off the mountain as quickly as possible.

“We are very grateful to the 17-year-old farmer’s son who used his quad to rush emergency pain relief and shelter to the casualty. The deep snow drifts meant he had to abandon the quad before he reached the summit and he and a MRT member ran the final distance with the supplies. This enabled our team doctor to make the casualty as comfortable as possible in the circumstances.

“Waun Fach is a long way from any road and a bad place to be taken ill. Low visibility made it impossible for the RAF Search and Rescue Helicopter to get to us so we were very glad to be joined by Longtown MRT.

“We then carried the casualty down from the top for about 2km to where the cloud would allow the helicopter to land safely. It was well done to all.”

Luke Lewis, deputy team leader from Abergavenny-based Longtown MRT, said:" It was good to see such efficient co-ordination between teams. Brecon MRT had its hands full stewarding the Black Mountain Roundabout event and we were glad to be able to help."

The teenager was taken to Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny, where he had an operation to remove his appendix.

The Black Mountains Roundabout is a yearly joint event between the Newport YHA and Brecon MRT. This year 335 people took part in the gruelling walk of 25 miles with a total ascent of 6,700ft.