LAST week's photo is High Street in the early 1960s. In the centre distance is the main Post Office on the corner of Station Approach.

This is now a car park. On the right hand side of the picture is Mac Fisheries with Hodges the clothiers next to it. On the corner of High St and Griffin St was Cecil's the drapers.

Cecil's had a unique system of handling your rash The counter assistant placed the money and bill in a wooden container which was zipped on an overhead wire to a central cashier who sent the change and receipt back m the same way - fascinating to small boys!

The white faced building was the British Home Stores & next to that was the Electricity show rooms on the comer of Market St. On the left of the photo nearest the camera was the National Provincial Bank with WH Smith next door.

What is striking about the ‘Then’ picture is the activity both motor and pedestrian - there were no vacant shops, a contrast to today.

Dave Woolven, Newport

The picture is of High Street taken from just above Skinner Street looking towards the old general post office. I remember in the 50s, The Royce restaurant where we use to meet up as bikers.

The street was always very busy and you can even see in the picture a policeman with his white cuffs directing traffic.

I used to attend Queens Hill School and walk over to the milk bar in my lunchtimes.

Cliff James

Shoppers and buses galore in High Street circa 1950. Some notable shops were E C Taylors, WH Smith and who remembers Hills and Steels below the Newport indoor market? My grandmother would send me there for packets of tea, no teabags in those days.

Above the post office on the ground floor was the telephone exchange. At this time it was only possible to dial a local number, for other calls you had to dial 100 and ask the operator to connect you.

The double-decker buses were driven by a male driver and the fares were collected by a conductress or conductor, no return or weekly, just a single fare dependent on the length of your journey.

Keith Wood, Newport

The picture is of High Street, Newport, on the corner is the National Westminster Bank and next door is McDonalds, opposite is the Principality bank, Ty Hafan charity shop and a newsagent as I well as Greggs. I think there was a shop called Flooks that sold fish etc I and a men’s clothing shop called Dunns. Further on towards the market on the comer was Cecil's J clothes shop and also in the area J Knowles fashion shop as well as Joan's fashion shop.

Mrs Malbina Reardon, Newport

The photo is of Newport High Street taken in the 50s because prior to 1949 the street was two-way but the opening of the Newport Corporation Bus Station in Upper Dock Street resulted in buses being routed down Dock Street and High Street became one-way.

A double-decker bus similar to one in the picture is preserved at the Corporation Road bus depot.

In both photos Newport market is one of the buildings on the right and The Murenger House pub is on the left. The Old Argus office, now a pub called The Page is further up on the right also.

Brian J J Jeff, Newport