WHO is that in the picture? It's Doctor Who - after racing down Clarence Street in Newport.

Actor David Tennant, pictured with an actress appearing in the show, was snapped on a mobile phone by Jobcentre worker Jeremy Vaughan in his lunch hour at 2.05pm on Tuesday.

He says the filming of the new BBC One series was attracting attention all day.

"People were hanging out the windows to watch and everyone was talking about it," he said.

"Cars were all slowing down to look, they didn't seem to mind, they just said not to use flash photography."

Mr Vaughan said when the photo was taken the actors were racing down Clarence Street towards Charles Street.

"They seemed to be filming some sort of Robin Hodd type thing and had bows and arrows," he added.

A spokesman for the BBC confirmed the scenes were for the third BBC series of the modern version of Doctor Who, to be broadcast next Spring.