ARGUS cartoonist Tim Harries was the special guest at a comic book fair in Newport on Saturday.

Thousands of titles, including the third issue of Fantastic Four from 1962, and the fourth issue of the Avengers featuring Captain America, were on sale at the comic book fair in Newport Market.

The fair featured special guest Mr Harries, the creator of the Argus comic strip, Never Say Dai.

Superhero fans attended the Upper Dock Street event on Saturday as the new Superman film, starring British actor Henry Cavill, raked in millions of pounds at the box office.

Fair organiser Terry Gay, 62, of Negative Zone comic books at Newport Market, said: “There were old Spider-Man books, the third Fantastic Four when the characters appeared in a costume for the first time, and the number four Avengers. They are worth £200 to £300 each.

“It was a good day. Sellers were happy and are coming back for the next fair this August.”