SHE was born more than a century ago in the year the Olympic Games were first held in London.

And now as she reaches the grand old age of 105, Violet Lawrence has passed a new milestone through having a big family spreading across five generations.

The Newport mother-of-three has eight grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and six months ago was blessed with the arrival of a great-great-granddaughter Ruby.

Last month she celebrated with relatives and the baby girl at her care home, Eleanor Hodson House in Pillmawr Road, Caerleon.

Mrs Lawrence had seen pictures of the latest addition to the Lawrence family but not in person.

She said: “I’m very happy. It’s exciting. She’s a lovely little baby.”

The widow likes to keep herself active with walks and did netball once a week until two years ago.

She has also organised bingo nights at the house and is an avid Wimbledon fan. She celebrates her 105th birthday today.

Eleanor Hodson House nurse Virginia Ndabe said: “She’s OK. She’s still mobilising well and independently.”

Born in Newport on June 20, 1908, Mrs Lawrence got her name when her father saw her for the first time and said she looked “like a little violet out of the hedgerow.”

She married her childhood sweetheart, William Lawrence, a Newport police sergeant, in Pontnewydd Church in 1929 and the couple had two sons, Lyndon and Roger, before adopting a daughter, Mary.

The couple were married for 50 years before Mr Lawrence died of a heart attack aged 72.

Mrs Lawrence is the oldest member of the Gwent Police Pensioners Association.