CALDICOT band Rusty Shackle were ahead of the game against some household performers this week, as their third single took the iTunes charts by storm.

‘The Bones,’ released on Monday morning, was already up to 13 in the singer/songwriter chart by lunchtime, with tracks by Jake Bugg and Ben Howard a few positions above them.

The band, performing at more than 20 festivals this summer, release their album with the same name on August 5.

Its five members Scott Mckeon, his brother James, Liam Collins, Mathew Barwick and Owen Emmanuel, all in their twenties, still work full-time, but that may soon change as their music takes off.

Scott, 26, said: “There has always been a good little music scene in Caldicot and it’s nice to represent that on a bigger stage. We are seriously excited about our single.

“We are massively making progress, this is the biggest year for all of us.”

The new track is about how the band has stripped back the way they write to the bare sound, which they describe as dirty bluegrass folk and roll.

Along with their upcoming album, The Bones was recorded at Monnow Valley Studios, Monmouth.